The Alkaline Diet focuses on eating fresh, energising, alkaline vegetables, fruits, herbs, oils and seeds, taking the right alkalising supplements, drinking the healthiest alkaline water and exercise. Following the Alkaline Diet can increase energy and overall well-being. On this site, we not only provide you with cutting edge products for achieving your health goals but also free resources to help you get started on the Alkaline Diet.  New! ensure you are consuming the healthiest of water with our water test kits.

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Alkaline Mineral Salts are a powerful tool!

Did you know that alkaline mineral salts can give your alkaline diet a big boost by enabling your body to remove excess acids in deep tissues?

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Top 5 tips to quickly starting the alkaline diet

Starting a new diet can be a daunting task. Here are simple 5 tips which help you understand the alkaline diet.

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How to completely define the Acidity and Alkalinity of your body

Knowing whether your body is acid or alkaline is an important part of the Alkaline Diet. Checking where you are is quite easy, simply follow our guide.

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Alkalife Alkaline pH Water

Alkaline water improves the body's absorption of essential nutrients and improves your immune system function to help you fight diseases. A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids. Scientist and inventor Sang Whang founded Alkalife pH Drops after discovering the health benefits of alkaline water for the human body. Two decades later, the Alkalife line of products is now sold all over the world as the leading brand of alkaline water boosters. One bottle of Alkalife creates 360 8 oz. servings of fresh alkaline water with a pH value of 10. Taken 5 times daily, that works out to more than 2 months of Alkalife per bottle at a cost of only 42 cents per day! >> Order yours here

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Test the pH of your body

  • It is recommended to maintain a healthy pH level to get maximum energy out of the food you eat and to prevent chronic disease.
  • Experts say a healthy person’s pH level of their body fluids should be between 7.1 and 7.5.
  • By assessing your pH with a pH Test Strip it gives an early indication if you need to change your diet.
  • These handy pH Test Strips allow you to check on your pH level by either dipping the stick into the urine stream or saliva.
  • With their dual pad, they are super accurate.

Discover the pH of your urine or saliva with our super accurate pH test strips. Made specifically to test saliva and urine these are by far the most accurate and economical test strips on the market. pH testing strips give you the ability to test your urine or saliva each day to gauge your internal health. This enables you to adjust your diet and supplements to achieve the optimum balance for health and peace of mind.