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The Alkaline diet focuses on eating fresh, energising, alkaline vegetables, fruits, herbs, oils and seeds. Following the alkaline diet can increase energy and overall well-being. On this page, we have put together loads of free resources to help you get started on the alkaline diet and learn more about certain aspects of it.



Glass of Water

Top 7 Tips
to quickly starting the Alkaline Diet

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Testing Strips

How to define the
Acidity & Alkalinity of your Body

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How do I test my pH? Testing of Urine and Saliva pH guide

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Why Alkaline?

Experts like Dr Vassey and Robert Young are strong believers in the alkaline diet. Below are only some of the benefits they describe:
• Increased energy
• Reduced aches and pains
• Being able to keep excess weight off
• Increased athletic stamina
• More positive outlook on life
• Reduced depression
• Better digestion


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Alkaline wall planner and food chart

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Try something new:
Free Alkaline recipes

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Guide to green drinksGuide to pH dropsGuide to alkaline saltsGuide to oils and oil blendsGuide to alkaline water


Latest customer reviews

SimplexHealth pH Test Strips for Urine & Saliva
(100 strips)
 5 Star

Excellent ph strips down to fine detail of accuracy than the other ph strips that I have bought from other makes.

 By Miss D


Alkazone Alkaline pH Water Drops 5 Star

Great value for money! Bonus: they contain no sodium!  

By Margaret


Young pHorever pHlavor Mineral Salts 5 Star

What a great find! A good tasting seasoning salt and it gives my food (even more acid ones) an alkaline twist!  

By Christopher Leng

Robert Young Doc Brocs Power Plants 1/2Ib 5 Star

I like the variety of grasses, vegetables and herbs in this Green drink. Definitely makes me feel good!  

By Kay Johnson


Watersafe City Water Test Kit 8-in-1 5 Star

Great compact water testing kit. Easy to use and read the results. Good peace of mind :-).  

By Richard Cliffe