How to define the Acidity and Alkalinity of your Body:

Knowing whether your body is acid or alkaline is an important part of the Alkaline Diet. Checking which you are is quite easy, simply follow the guide below:

  1. Regularly check the pH of your urine and saliva and analyse your results. Ask a health practitioner to help you interpret the results.
  2. Acids come primarily from food intake; review your diet, does it consist of at least 80% alkalising foods? Keep a food diary for at least 24 hours noting everything that you consume (including snacks & medication). Download our free Acid-Alkaline Foodchart here.
  3. Review your symptoms; the following could be an indication for acidification: lack of energy, drive & enthusiasm, excess weight, eczema, low blood pressure, aches and pains, depression, weak immune system and allergies*.
  4. Have a look at your overall lifestyle; how we live our daily life has an influence on our acid-alkaline balance. Having an active lifestyle, with hobbies & interests, a positive outlook on life, but also time for relaxing and de-stressing and regular sleep all have a positive influence.
    • Relax - using well-known relaxation methods and breathing exercises, like pilates & yoga
    • Move - go for a walk, swim or cycle-ride as often as you can
    • De-stress - we are all guilty of trying to do too much, de-clutter & de-stress your life, find out what is really important and focus on that
    • Reflect - at the end of every day look back at the day and all the positive and nice things that have happened and all the good things that you have achieved - and smile!
    • Time out - Spend time with family & friends or following hobbies & interests. This is a great way to laugh and relax and of distracting yourself from the daily grind.

* sources: Christopher Vasey, The Acid-Alkaline Diet; and O. Young, The pH Miracle

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